Our Mission: Your Vision!

At TrySight, we are changing the lives of people who can not see well. We make clever tools to help them do things on their own and access things easily. We have spent more than 10 years making special equipments and programs to improve what they can see.

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“I wanted to know that I was making someone’s life better in some way”
-TrySight founder Umang Dua

Our Commitment to Accessibility and Innovation

Recently awarded a $1-million grant from the federal government’s Accessible Technology Program, TrySight is at the forefront of developing artificial intelligence-based glasses. These cutting-edge glasses aim to offer users real-time information about their surroundings, breaking barriers for Canadians with disabilities.

Benefiting from from the support of the Scientific Research and Experimental Development program, our journey in creating impactful solutions has been driven by a passion to ensure that everyone, regardless of visual impairments, has the opportunity to lead an independent life.

Expertise in Vision Solutions

Our dedicated team boasts significant expertise in custom hardware and software solutions combining magnification and speech technologies. Our diverse range of products is available in over a dozen languages and is proudly utilized across the globe.

Your vision matters, and it’s our mission to make it clearer, brighter, and more vibrant than ever.


A Journey Together

We are more than just a technology company; we are a family united by a shared vision—yours.

Together, we are transforming the way you experience the world, breaking barriers, and unlocking new opportunities through accessible technology.

We are not just about products; we are about enhancing lives and opening doors to newfound independence.

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About us

TrySight recently received a $1-million grant from the federal government’s new Accessible Technology Program, which invests in hardware and software solutions that help Canadians with disabilities overcome barriers, to develop artificial intelligence-based glasses that will tell users what’s around them, and it has also benefited from tax credits from the Scientific Research and Experimental Development program. Read all about this in the Financial Post

TrySight believes that everyone deserves the right to see and lead independent lives. We have been helping visually impaired people for over 10 years by creating solutions ranging from Software, Handheld & Wearable to get the most out of remaining vision.

Our team has significant expertise in custom hardware and software  solutions using magnification and speech technologies. Our products are available in over a  dozen languages and sold across the globe.