Hardware Warranty

Our hardware products have a 1 year warranty which covers manufacturing defects only.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by the user such as water damage, dropping, general misuse or external factors such as humidity, electrical stress or other environmental factors not commonly expected in a safe home or office environment.

The warranty will be void if the product is used in a way it was not intended by design or if it is modified or repaired without our prior written consent. You must also allow us to make reasonable attempts to resolve the suspected defects prior to returning the unit to us. This can include Remote Access to the machine, Skype video conferencing and/or emailing pictures/videos of the suspected defect to us. If access is denied, then we do not have any liability to replace or repair said product(s).

Trysight does not issue return labels if unit is required to be shipped to the company for testing or evaluation. Trysight covers only return shipping for cases that are identified as warranty issues.

Software Warranty

Software products do not have a warranty. Trial versions of our software products may be downloaded for evaluation prior to purchase.

Any software related support may require support to reset your computer settings to factory settings. If you choose to avail Trysight software support you automatically consent Trysight to reset your device.