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Mercury 13 Pro 9 Surface Edition (Includes: Stand+Software+Surface 9 tablet+ Bluetooth keyboard with trackpad+Charger+USB C+User Manual)

Mercury 13 Pro 9

Low Vision Computer System

A Versatile Multitasker device, that provides accurate magnification & converts printed text into clear, natural audio format for enhanced accessibility

All in one device -Magnifier, a Windows laptop (when connected to a large-print Bluetooth keyboard), and a CCTV for people with low vision

Optional Accessory

  • Second Monitor: Doubles screen space with an optional second screen. Learn more
  • Orion Camera: Enables expansive distance viewing with 360-degree rotation. Learn more

Pricing Options

Versatile for all

A Windows laptop, CCTV, and assistive tool for low vision

  • Students (taking notes, reading)
  • Professionals (in presentations and document viewing)

See things near, far & on the computer-all in one

  • Mercury 13 replaces both laptop and CCTV
  • Only one device for- taking notes, seeing the whiteboard viewing, accessing the web or reading physical documents! (simultaneously or sequentially)

Live Magnify

Is able to magnify a whole A4 page, books and much more.

Listen to printed text

The highly accurate OCR converts the printed words into spoken text

Save & Retrieve for later use

Save and listen to documents (pictures and videos) for later use; in different voices and languages, with multiple reading modes for the best experience.

Illuminating LED for Reading

Lights up documents in low-light environments for easy reading

Integrated USB Hub

  • Connect peripherals easily with the integrated USB Hub
  • Powered solely by the tablet’s battery via an integrated USB cable
  • Simplifies charging, requiring only one device for power, minimizing cable clutter

Foldable & Portable

The entire stand easily folds up with the tablet to a 15″ laptop size, and can be kept in laptop bag or backpack

Expanded Screen Space with Dual Monitor

  • Optional Second Screen doubles the available screen real estate
  • Lightweight and adjustable for comfortable viewing
  • Powered by a single cable connected to the tablet’s USB-C Port, eliminating the need for a wall outlet.

Distance Camera

  • Optional Orion Camera enables distance viewing (20X zoom) with crystal-clear clarity and image stability– offering extended reach as well as full 360 degree rotation.
  • Users can switch between the Distance Camera and Document Camera or utilize both simultaneously through the Split-Screen feature.
  • A student can utilize the Distance Camera on a secondary screen for the Whiteboard, jotting down notes from their coursebook visible on the primary Mercury screen, or, during a public presentation, zoom in on a PowerPoint while reading a handout.

Product specifications

Lightweight Item 2.6kg/ 5.7 lbs
Dimensions Folded
Dimensions Unfolded

Screen Time 13'’ HD Screen
Camera HD Camera 20X Optical Zoom @ 60 Fps
Model Microsoft Surface Pro 9
Resolution 2800×1920p
Battery Life Powered by Microsoft Surface Pro 9, Up to 8 hours battery (Laptop Mode)

Product features

  • Live Magnification
  • Full Page Accurate recognition (OCR)
  • Multiple Contrast Color Schemes
  • Distance/Near Split screen capability
  • Menu & Reading capability in Multiple Languages
  • Natural Sounding Voices
  • Video Stabilization

What it comes with

  • Laptop travel case
  • Mercury 13 tablet stand with Surface Pro 9 & Charger
  • Bluetooth keyboard with trackpad
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Second Monitor (optional)
  • Distance camera (optional)

Trial & warranty

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