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Large Keys Bluetooth Keyboard with integrated Mouse

The Keyboard is designed for individuals who struggle to type comfortably due to low vision or eye strain.

It has big, easy-to-read keys displaying bold letters and high contrast white on black print.

Its design aims to enhance typing ease and comfort.

Providing you with ease

Type emails, texts, and access any device effortlessly!

Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows

The keyboard has an integrated mousepad, saving you the trouble of a separate mouse

Plus, its Bluetooth connectivity means no hassle with USB ports!

Product specifications

Item Weight 265g
Dimensions 367x123x20mm
Bluetooth Version 3.0
Colour High Contrast White on Black keys

Product features

  • Integrated touchpad for mouse with Left/Right buttons
  • Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Operating Range upto 10 meters
  • Key life of 3 million clicks

*Mousepad not supported on iOS

What it comes with

  • Large Keys Bluetooth Keyboard with integrated mouse
  • 2x AAA Batteries (Not included)
  • Manual

Trial & warranty

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